#PINKDAYTOSHINE        Celebrate You! Celebrate Life!

#PINKDAYTOSHINE A photography project founded by Nithya Rajkumar Photography celebrating and honoring the brave survivors & those gracefully battling Breast Cancer. This probono project hopes to raise #breastcancerawareness and share the stories of the brave Breast Cancer warriors and we to-gether hope to inspire & give hope to others fighting Breast Cancer. 

This  OCTOBER 26, we concluded our #PINKDAYTOSHINE 2020.  

Our virtual get-together has over 50 registrations, with participants from UAE, Germany, Canada, USA and India. 

"The online gathering, celebrated the strength & positive spirit of the brave warriors of Breast Cancer. The official unveiling of images & stories from #PINKDAYTSHINE 2020 shoot was done. We listen to the  inspiring stories by some brave survivors & those currently fighting breast cancer, who came forward with the desire to help many others battling Breast Cancer and also their families. The theme of the event was "Celebrating You", "Celebrating Life".

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month at #pinkdaytoshine2020 we were also joined by a panel of medical experts who will throw insight on importance of early detection, surgery & post care, on the importance of self care & mental wellness & on how to cope with this medical condition.", Founder #PINKDAYTOSHINE

#pinkdaytoshine 2020 was an Online virtual get-together and we come forward every year with a strong passion to raise awareness & take the power away from Cancer & give it to the women who truly deserves it.

This year the #pinkdaytoshine shoot was organized over 2 days, with all Covid safety measures. This session is offered to 10  brave warriors every year, who volunteer to share their story.  This year we had over 23 applicants  sign up for the 10 slots of the #PINKDAYTOSHINE shoot. We are truly honored to connect with some extraordinary ladies, who have chosen to embrace life despite all the odds they had to face.They are truly an inspiration. It was our pleasure to offer them a free shoot with makeup by professional artists, and we saw them SHINE on the inside & outside. The shoot took place at Rove Dubai Marina our official location partner for #PINKDAYTSHINE 2020.

Thanks to our lovely makeup artists : Paula Goia, Priyanka Sarkar, Koshaa Vora

Special thanks to 

For more information or to speak to the founder -Drop us an email to mail@nithyarajkumar.in


Z*** connected with me few years ago, a women professional looking  for a portrait photoshoot to update her Linkedin work profile image & to get back to work. I conduct regular pre-shoot discussions prior to every shoot to understand my client, prep for their outfit etc, this helps me bring out the true essence of each individual through the images I capture. During one such my pre-shoot client discussion, I came to know that Z*** is a  stage 4 breast cancer survivor. She shared her story, and having one of those #pinktober check ups for Breast Cancer Awareness helped her recognize her condition. She shared stories of her troubled days, how her family & undeterred hope for a better day helped her through the tough days fighting the Cancer.  

I could sense her fear being in front of the camera. Eyelashes and eyebrows barely present and the change in skin texture owing to the chemo seemed to be her primary concerns. Cancer had changed how her body used to be. To me she was nothing but beautiful. All I could see in front of me was a woman of great strength, passion and positivity. 

Being #pinktober, I decided to gift the session for free and decided to add in makeup by an artist who could help highlight her natural beauty & alleviate any lack of confidence if at all Z*** carried. I could see Z*** shine and bloom in front of my camera. Soon after the shoot, while showing the images on my camera, Z*** remarked,"I am glad to be alive to see myself like this, through your camera." 

This touched something deep inside of me. I didn't realize, until then that a simple act of photoshoot could have had such a profound effect on another being. I learned that sometimes a small act of lifting the spirit and morale of a person can be enough to create a positive impact.  #PINKDAYTOSHINE was born. I wish to take the power away from the Cancer and give power to the amazing individuals who truly deserve it. A probono project dedicated to those who have shown strength and risen like a Phoenix despite all the odds.  A day to shine! I wished to offer this experience to many more survivors and to those who have been gracefully fighting Breast Cancer. To me photography has always been about celebrating life, celebrating the people & their emotions. #pinkdaytoshine was born, simply  celebrating the "Zest For Life " carried by each Breast Cancer Survivor & those Fighting it. 

#PINKDAYTOSHINE is celebrated every OCTOBER 26 , and shares stories of Hope & Inspiration , it elevates the spirits, its oozes with love &  positive vibes. It is a casual get-together open exclusively for the Survivors & Fighters of Breast Cancer, it is a day to connect & share the zest for life with one-another. 

In 2019, I was honored to organize the 1st #pinkdaytishine photoshoot in Dubai with the support of some amazing Brands and Women Run Small Businesses with a big heart, based here in Dubai. 10 participants were offered a special Portrait Photoshoot by Nithya Rajkumar Photography & included Makeup by Professional Artists, at the venue on the day. The shoot aimed at capturing their their true essence & sharing their personal message to inspire others fighting their battle with Breast Cancer.The event saw over 30 Brave Cancer warriors, each of whom had their unique story to tell. We shared some tearful moments & some good laughs. The best part was that everyone parted feeling Grateful & Happy. 


I sincerely thank  everyone who joined along to support and make #PINKDAYTOSHINE 2020 pro bono project a special & memorable experience for the Breast Cancer warriors & together raising Breast Cancer Awareness. 

Nikon Middle East as Imaging partner 

( https://www.facebook.com/351153671578843/posts/nikonmea-is-proud-to-lend-its-voice-and-platform-in-raising-breast-cancer-awaren/3853157791378396/ )

Rove Dubai Marina as the Official Location Partner

Lovely Gift Sponsors  who are women run businesses & individuals from UAE -

Searfi, Ambassador Of Malta in Abu Dhabi, Beadsmyth by Sindhu , Dj Natura, Mr Print Berry, Molly & Me 

Supporting partnerAl Jalila Foundation #BrestFriends

https://www.aljalilafoundation.ae/ ,#breastfriendsdubai

Professional Hair & Makeup Artists - Paula Goia -Makeup Artist & Stylist  Priyanka Sarkar