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A special connection begins soon as you know that a little life is growing inside of you. Congratulations of your Pregnancy! You must have already formed this special bond with your Bump. 

Carrying life is one of the most incredible changes a woman's body and a couples heart goes  through. Being a young mother myself, I have been there. Cherish these moments with your partner. Capture the essence of your love connection. 

As long as the mom-to-be still feels comfortable, I am excited to take their maternity photos—even at the last minute. Better late than never right. 

If your bump is showing nicely and if you are anywhere between 27-35 weeks, I recommend this as the ideal time for the shoot. During this time window, the expectant mother typically still feels fairly comfortable, so it’s less taxing for them to stand or pose for photos and the beautiful round bump is showing off. 

If your pregnancy is considered high-risk or if you are having twins of mutiples, I recommend you to schdule a shoot earlier than 27 weeks.

You can choose a photoshoot at the beach, the desert, the park or at the comfort of your home. I ensure that each and every mama will leave their session feeling beautiful and happy. 

The maternity sessions at Nithya Rajkumar Photography is very relaxed and is all about creating a memorable experience for the parents-to-be.  Every shoot is about capturing the real you, and all those emotions and feelings you share as a couple & as a mom-to-be. 


My candid style of photography, supported with outfit guidance prior to the shoot, aim to make every mom-to-be feel their best. We can also recommend professional makeup artists to give that extra touch.

Prior to your scheduled session, you are entitled for a free consultation session. You are encouraged to share your photowish and I try my best to incorporate this into our shoot. As an experienced fashion business professional, I love to offer guidance on outfit & color choice ideal for our shoot. 

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