Special People with Big Hearts!

"When people see my photographs, they would see the children, the same way as they are seen through their Mother's eyes",Nithya Rajkumar


I have always been a lover of children & a staunch advocate of Inclusion & Diversity. Few years ago, I started this project  a loving dedication to my dear friend's sister 'Akku',who is a child with Down Syndrome. When I think of her, the only thing that comes to me is the innocent smile that lights up her face as  greets & acknowledges my presence, her pure heart and her unconditional love! 

I now know that, special needs is much more than just Down Syndrome. Through photography as medium I also try to raise awareness on the same. 


A mother's eye is non differentiating, to her her child is unique & precious and full of potential. I am a young mother myself, I felt that it is my calling !

"When people see my photographs, I want them to see the children, the same way they are seen through their Mother's eyes".

I now specialize in photographing children with special needs. I set no rules or no time constraints. The comfort of the child & parents is my utmost priorit I'm grateful to every child who I have had the honor to connect with & photograph. It is the adults , I find more difficult to get to calm down &  relax haha. 

Hello There!

Thankyou for being here! Do share this page or my instagram to a special family you know. Dedicated to dearest "Akku", I offer year long special rates for families of Children with Special Needs.

If you are Special Mom drop me a message along with you PhotoWish! I promise to give you a memorable experience. 


Thankyou for connecting with Nithya Rajkumar Photography. Please message or drop your Photo Wish here. 


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