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A Beginners Photography Session For Children 

This is the perfect photography course for any child aged 8 years and above, who wishes to creatively explore the magic of photography. 

Nithya Rajkumar is a professional photographer, an experienced  photography mentor & a mom to a Pre-Schooler and she ensures her sessions are fun, engaging  and is a wonderful opportunity for learning  for every child who enrolls. 

You can choose a  1-1 private online session  or A group session if you are a group of upto 3 children. 

The session is spread over 4 days (1.5hrs each) 


  • How to think like a Photographer

  • A brief history of Photography

  • Understanding your camera and camera handling

  • Understanding light

  • Introduction to Exposure

  • Playing with Camera modes

  • Basic Composition

  • Story Telling

  • 3 Weeks of Photo Adventures - Lots of Fun Projects

Here are some of the Photo Adventures our kids love:

  • Animals and Pets

  • Food

  • Family Portraits

  • Plants and Nature

  • Bug's Eye View

  • Fun Framing and Angles

  • Pick-a-Color

Who can attend:

  • Children with no prior photography experience can also attend.

  • Children interested in learning the basics of photography and have fun doing so.

  • Kids Ages 8-14+

  • Students should have access to any type of digital camera. Small digital point and shoot cameras, Basic DSLR cameras are perfect for this course.

  • Internet access & an ipad or Laptop for ZOOM webinar, parents to support to share images clicked for review post  projects.  

By the end of this course, your kids will have a better understanding of how cameras work, how to take better pictures, and will have had lots of fun with the Photo Adventures! 


1-1 PRIVATE SESSION : AED 660 / $ 180 


(upto 3 children per session)

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Wish to capture beautiful portraits of your children? 

Beginners Photography workshop for Mum Photography Enthusiast

Join me as we explore the art of photographing children. Take away simple tips and tricks to capture stunning portraits of your kids in action. 


New session will be ANNOUNCED SOON! Please drop a message to get latest update on sessions.





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January 14, 2017

Are you a Mom who Loves To Photograph, but don't know how to work the camera? 

If you have not ventured outside the Auto Mode and have been relying on capturing images based on sheer luck. You are at the right place. If you have a mindset to learn, I would love to help you learns the basics of photography. A session that is most popular amongst photography enthusiast Moms. 


A one to one learning session includes lots of practicals, tips and tricks to take stunning photographs. During the session you will learn camera handling, different camera settings, how to creatively and technically take control of your camera and take stunning portraits. 



5hrs session spread over 2 days

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Instagram followers can avail a 10% discount, for CODE message