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Product Photography

A good quality professional product shot translates to improved sales and business enquiries.  
It is essential now more than ever, essential to tell your story. Marketing products online with quality product shots is an amazing opportunity you certainly don’t want to miss. "For a small business owner their product is their baby & there is a dream behind it. I try my best to capture that dream." -Nithya 
Nithya launched the  product photography segment  with a passion to support women run small businesses in the UAE.
Nithya a fashion graduate from NIFT with over a decade of experience managing fashion & lifestyle products for reputed Brands.
She combines her vast retail product & design experience into photography, supporting women run businesses to scale up.
"Quality product images communicates a lot to a potential customer and speaks volumes about a brand. Though Lifestyle images are great to share a story, it has to be captured  aesthetically without killing the focus on your product. Sometimes, less is more.

Nithya has been offering affordable premium quality images to her clients who are primarily women entrepreneurs. 

At Nithya Rajkumar Photography we create inspiring lifestyle and commercial product photography right here in Dubai. 
We provide specialized and diverse options for E- Commerce product photography to match your specific needs.  
Be it industry standard white background photos (Amazon images) or lifestyle shots (styled images using a prop or a model) capturing your seasonal mood board /product concept , each shoot is custom tailored to capture the essence of your brand and bring it to life.

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