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Social Responsibility In Businesses

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

A mom with her child. "Thankyou for creating our first family photograph in 8 years"

Having worked with retail brands for over a decade, I knew I couldn't separate Social Responsibility as a practice when I started my Photography venture. I have always been an advocate of Inclusion and embracing diversity.

As a young mother myself, I build Nithya Rajkumar Photography with a strong vision to support fellow mothers- young moms, moms to be, special moms, cancer survivors, women entrepreneurs / small business owners by creating an experience that build their self worth, & by capturing images that represent their vision and passion.

I have been conducting various photography projects & talks that focuses on creating a social impact , be it for raising awareness on a cause or for simply building an individuals self morale. (Autism awareness, Children with Determination, Breast cancer awareness, Inclusion, HIV in children, for NGOs, PostPartum Depression, Women Empowering Events)

A meeting with a dear friend of mine, who is also a special needs mother, changed my perspective about motherhood & photography.

That day a wish was born, to create beautiful portraits that reflect the image which each mom carries in her eyes of her children & family. An image that doesn’t talk about a disability, but an image that talks of #Inclusion, #Love & #beauty of #humanconnections.

I have been conducting photosessions for special moms at a special reduced rate across the year, & hope to encourage more moms to come forward in raising awareness on Inclusion.

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